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In the ever-evolving landscape of online opportunities, REVRISE stands as a beacon of potential for individuals seeking to expand their financial horizons. This innovative social media monetization and affiliate platform has gained recognition for its user-friendly approach to earning money online. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the various avenues REVRISE offers for you to maximize your earnings.

REVRISE is an online platform that offers you the opportunity to learn and earn from your phone, without having to refer anyone. You earn $1.1(₦1100) daily for carrying out simple tasks. You also earn an affiliate bonus of $4(₦4000) for each person you refer, as well as other bonuses.

In this REVRISE review, we’ll discuss “how REVRISE works”, how to register/sign up, how to earn & withdraw, and its legitimacy( that is if REVRISE is legit or a scam). Make sure you subscribe to the Popup on this website so we can notify you in the future when a new website is about to launch
. And if you already know how REVRISE works, you can Click Here to get a discount registration now.

In developing countries, including Nigeria, the quest for additional income is driven by economic inflation and stagnant salaries. This has led to a surge in the pursuit of supplementary income streams. While a primary job is crucial, having a side hustle can be highly beneficial. One popular option is making money online, with many individuals achieving success through platforms like TikTok, YouTube, cryptocurrency, forex, and affiliate marketing.

Some websites also offer payment for simple online tasks such as following brands or sharing content on social media. REVRISE is one such website, and this article aims to provide a comprehensive review of its features and benefits. Before joining, it is vital to understand how REVRISE works and its potential advantages. Please read on to discover more about this website and its potential to generate additional income.

By the end of this review, you will have a thorough understanding of REVRISE and its potential to supplement your income. We aim to provide a detailed analysis of the website’s workings and benefits, enabling you to make an informed decision about joining. Please read carefully to maximize your understanding of REVRISE and its income-generating potential.





About REVRISE (How REVRISE Platform Works)


Registration Fee $5(₦5,000)
Discount Reg. Fee $4(₦4,000)
Welcome Bonus $5(₦5,000)
Referral Bonus $4(₦4,000)
Indirect Referral $0.30(₦300)
2nd Indirect Bonus $0.10(₦100)
Rev Post $0.30(₦300)
Rev Advert 1 $0.30(₦300)
Rev Advert 2 $0.30(₦300)
Rev Visit $0.20(₦200)
Total Daily Earning $1.1(₦1,100)

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REVRISE is a legit online platform that pays its members to share daily trends. In a day you earn ₦1,100 without referring anyone. In a month that’s ₦33,000.

Upon Registering on this platform, you get to earn massively from performing Tasks, and you also get amazing rewards for referring. But Referring isn’t compulsory on REVRISE. However, It can maximize your income. For example, you’ll earn ₦4000 for each person you refer, you get an Indirect bonus of ₦300 each time your downlines Refer others, and ₦100 2nd indirect bonus when their downlines refer others as well.

Aside from daily earnings you also get to experience other amazing features on REVRISE and start making money off it. REVRISE allows you to market your products on their Platform as a registered member. Besides the daily ₦1,100 you get for sharing posts, REVRISE also allows you to earn from posting videos on TikTok, and earn from publishing posts on their website.

To Benefit from REVRISE, all you need is a one-time registration fee of ₦4000. Note that the normal Registration Fee for this platform is ₦5000, but if you register through the link on this post you get a ₦1000 discount. Click Here to get your discount now.




Anyone can register. Whether young or old, male or female. REVRISE is Not only for Nigerians but Ghanaians, Cameroonians, Togolese, Ugandans, and Kenyans can also Join REVRISE.
This platform chose to focus on only one package so it can meet the needs of every member. REVRISE has followed the trend of accommodating several African countries. That too is encouraging.

REVRISE Is Launching on 29th June 2024. This platform is aimed at rewarding members for surfing the internet at their convenience.




(REVRISE review)

REVRISE is a digital rewards platform that incentivizes users for completing straightforward online tasks, such as sharing content or following social media brands. The platform guarantees a minimum daily earning of ₦1,100, which can be withdrawn to your bank account on a monthly basis. REVRISE generates revenue through various advertising channels, including Google Adsense and Adsterra, as well as sponsored content and e-book marketing.

To join REVRISE, you need to register as a member by paying a one-time registration fee of ₦5000 (or ₦4000 with the discount link). After registration, you can begin completing your daily assigned tasks to earn money. This platform provides a convenient opportunity for members to earn without any stress, even if they cannot refer others.

REVRISE’s revenue streams ensure that members are paid for their tasks, making it a convenient option for those looking to supplement their income. The platform’s simple tasks and revenue generation model make it an attractive option for those looking to earn extra money online.




(How To Join REVRISE , How To Get REVRISE App)

REVRISE registration fee is only paid once which you’ll pay by buying a coupon code and then using it for registration. The coupon code therefore makes up for your registration fee.

To begin, click here to buy a coupon code or to get your discount registration and head towards registration:

Note: Without the coupon code, one can’t sign up. That’s why you need to buy the coupon code first before registration. Your one-time coupon code payment makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any amount again.

Ensure that you follow these registration steps accurately, as mentioned above.


(how to purchase REVRISE coupon code)

REVRISE coupon code makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any money again after buying a coupon code for REVRISE registration. To Buy the coupon code Click Here now.


Does REVRISE Have an App?
(How To Get REVRISE App)

Yes!! REVRISE Has an app… Simply Click Here to get the Official App.

(How To Earn On REVRISE )

Join REVRISE and receive a ₦5000 welcome bonus. Then, complete your daily tasks and earn ₦1,100. The tasks may vary daily, but they are always very easy to accomplish. If you want to boost your earnings, utilize your networking skills by referring others to join.

Referring is not compulsory, but you’ll receive a ₦4000 reward for each person you refer. You can also earn from betting and marketing activities. Each sponsored post or trend on REVRISE comes with its instructions daily on how to earn through it. Follow the instructions to maximize your earnings. If you struggle with referring others, this platform is ideal for you! You can earn up to ₦33,000 monthly salary on REVRISE by simply completing simple tasks.



  • Referral Bonus: ₦4000
  • Indirect Referal: ₦300
  • 2nd Indirect Bonus ₦100


  • Welcome Bonus: ₦5000
  • Rev Post: ₦300
  • Rev Advert 1: ₦300
  • Rev Advert 2: ₦300
  • Rev Visit: ₦200
  • Total Daily Earning: ₦1,100

Amazing, right?! However, you must note that referral is not compulsory. Meaning that you don’t need to refer before you cash out.


You can log in to REVRISE with the username and password you used in creating your account during registration.




(When and How To Withdraw/Cashout & Minimum Withdrawal)

REVRISE Referral bonus withdrawal takes place every Tuesday, and Friday with a minimum of 10k (By 4pm to 5:30pm), While non-referral earnings can be Automatically Withdrawn to your bank account on the17th of Every Month once it reaches ₦32k.

Meeting the minimum threshold or amount to withdraw is the first requirement for withdrawal. Next, log in to your dashboard, tap on the “Cashout” button, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Hit the withdrawal button when you are done filling out the required info. You’re supposed to receive your Credit alert between 0-48hrs after withdrawal.

Note: Make sure your bank account aligns with your given names you’re using before placing a withdrawal.



Below here are proofs of payments for REVRISE :






(REVRISE review)

Yes. REVRISE is legit. So far REVRISE has proven to be 100 percent legitimate given the background check of the CEO. There’s no reason to claim otherwise. So we can safely say that REVRISE is safe. If you’re ready to register click here now to get a discount registration.

If you have personally benefited from REVRISE platform, please drop a positive review below in the comment section to encourage others.



No. REVRISE isn’t a scam. A platform can be said to be a scam if it fails to live up to its promise of paying the members. So far that hasn’t happened on REVRISE. Therefore, REVRISE isn’t a scam. If in any way it stops paying, we’ll ensure to let you know about it.





🔰 Rev Social Contest
🔰 Rev Sale/E-Market
🔰Rev Super Incentives
🔰Rev Games
🔰Rev Courses
🔰Rev Social
🔰Rev Gift SpillOver
🔰Rev Affiliate Contest
🔰Rev VTU

REVRISE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: When was REVRISE launched?

Answer: REVRISE is Launching on 29th June 2024


Question: What are the payment methods available on REVRISE?

Answer: Bank transfer and crypto are the available payment methods. You can even withdraw to Opay, Palmpay, and any other account


Question: Is it compulsory to refer someone on REVRISE before getting paid?

Answer: No


Question: Whom is REVRISE for?

Answer: REVRISE is available for all those living in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Uganda, And Kenya.


Question: How long will REVRISE last?

Answer: There is no certain time. But there’s a guarantee it will last for more than a year.


Question: How can I register on REVRISE?

Answer: To register on REVRISE simply click here and follow up with the given Instructions.


Question: How can I refer/register someone on REVRISE?

Answer: Follow the same steps you took while you registered, but this time make use of your referral link.


Question: Where can I find my referral link?

Answer: You can find your referral link on your dashboard after registration and logging into your account.


Question: I placed a withdrawal but I’ve not been paid yet. Why? How long does REVRISE withdrawal and payment take?

Answer: REVRISE will pay you between 0-48hrs after requesting for withdrawal.






From this review, we’ve been able to explain to you how REVRISE works, if it’s legit or a scam, how to register and make money, etc. We have been able to answer a lot of questions you were probably thinking about.

We can always assist you in registering on REVRISE should in case you find it confusing or complex, though it’s not. We’re available on WhatsApp 24/7. Click here to chat with us now for your discount registration.

Continue visiting for more reviews and make money online updates!

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